Red dress + Thigh high boots

Hey you ! <3

The time has finally arrived, I dared to try the it boots of this season : Thigh high boots.

I must admit I really wanted them but I knew it was going to be a risqué look for an everyday life. IN fact, during the little shoot I did for this look, I kept catching looks by people in the streets (+ as my blog name mentions it, I’m not really petite, so it didn’t make me less noticeable…)

But at the end of the day, I realized how much it doesn’t have any importance. If you don’t wear what you love because of what people may think (or what you think they’re thinking) you’ll forever be blended in the crowd wearing what everyone wants you to wear. Is that what you want ?

I know I won’t. I know I’m tall, I’m still wearing heels because why the fuck no ? Did somebody made some kind of rules where it’s mentioned that tall girls shouldn’t be wearing heels ? NOPE.

So if you want to wear a short skirt, low cleavage top, or anything like that, you HAVE to do it.

I know, I know, “easier said than done” right ? Well not really. You bought something because you loved it, so I don’t see any other problems after to wear it.

Enough talking, photos !

Robe rouge 1 (1 sur 1)Robe rouge 9 (1 sur 1)Robe rouge 5 (1 sur 1)Robe rouge 8 (1 sur 1)Robe rouge 4 (1 sur 1)Robe rouge 7 (1 sur 1)Robe rouge 2 (1 sur 1)Robe rouge 6 (1 sur 1)

What I’m Wearing :

  • Floppy hat – H&M
  • Dress – H&M
  • Boots – ASOS


Capture d’écran 2015-09-10 à 22.29.18


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