Dolce Vita in Cinque Terre

Hey You ! ♥

Yes, another outfit from Italy. I knooooow it’s the second one in a row but I just couldn’t help myself .. whoops ! I still hope you don’t mind that much because this look seemed to have a little success when I posted some pics on Instagram !

So, as part of our holidays trip, we went from Florence to Cinque Terre. Cinque Terre was a place I dreamed about visiting for such a long time ! I literally begged my mom, showing her pictures of the landscapes, the houses, etc.. to convince her. Guess it worked haha !

OKeeeeeyyy, let’s start from my head. This cute striped-bowed-floppy Hat costed me …… 4€ at Primark. Next is this super simple white Tee that you most probably already own. (I did) Next are the shorts. Now these I got in Mango summer 16 sales for around 15€. (héhé) The exact same are still available, see link below. For the bag, these kind of bags have been literally everywhere this summer. And I honestly didn’t know of I should have bought a more expensive one but a good quality, or just buy a random cheap one for only this season?, etc.. Finally, my mom once got home from the supermarket ( ‘Carrefour’ ) and handed me this one and was like “there you go, it was 6€”. So yeah.. ahaha it’s really simple but it does the job, doesn’t it ? (+ it’s very big, it was very practical for going to the beach, etc..)

The shoes are from Zara sales. They’re honestly nothing crazy, they’re just nice little nude lace up sandals that I can pair with anything, and comfortable to walk in. They were around 30€.

The idea I wanted to achieve with this look was a very “Dolce Vita” 50s kind of look. A little bit like a Dolce & Gabanna advertisement haha

DV10 DV11DV6 DV4 DV2  DV14DV8

Capture d’écran 2016-04-27 à 15.47.16

Hat – Primark (old co ) similar here , here , here and here

Tee shirt – H&M

Shorts – Mango

Sandals – Zara (sales) similar here, and here

Bag – Carrefour ( sales – in stores only )


Capture d’écran 2016-07-09 à 18.20.50


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