Hey Sailor ! + My trip in Bretagne

Hey you !

I hope you’re all doing gooooood !  If you follow me on Instagram, you must have noticed ( hence the spam of striped top pictures #oops ) that I have been on a weekend getaway in Saint-Malo, a nice little city in Bretagne, France !

I had only been to Bretagne once before, and at that time ( I was 10..) , the only thing I remembered were the CRÊPES ! hahah So it was nice to be back and actually remember what I would be doing!

For all students reading this, YES I’m also on revision and exams weeks which sucked because I legit lost 3 days of studying but my mom had that genius idea of booking the trip at that period ! ( That strange moment when you complain about holidays *mhm mhm* ) Still, I tried to study there a little bit and now I’m on legit BEAST MODE :'( Anyway, wishing all of you the best of luck !

Concerning this outfit (the whole point of the post, DUH) I packed every single striped tops I owned, and OBVIOUSLY, my little sailor cap which I’m a little obsessed with as you must have noticed from my last instagram posts….

So here I go, with  my 5€ stripe top from H&M and a little peplum skirt from Zara, my Baby Furla (ONCE AGAIIIIN ) and low boots. It could not be more French-Bretton cliché to be honest but I LOVED it to death !

I’m going to end this post with the best adresses and things I’ve seen/done/eaten while I was there ! (I only stayed for 3 days so I don’t have loads but they were good ones )


  • Must Try the pastry named ” Kouign Amaan” it’s REALLY sugary and fat but really good as well haha ! ( Try to find it in a local Boulangerie )
  • Crêpes ( sugary ) and Galette (salty crêpes ) are the two main local dishes in Bretagne. The best I had were at a tiny teeny restaurant named “Grain Noir”. Not only were the crepes AMAZING but also, made from organic and local ingredients, from a group of really nice and motivated young people!
  • The best supermarket crepes/galettes are from the brand called “Saint-Michel”


  • Even if it’s technically in “Normandie” , le Mont-Saint-Michel is a must see !  It’s free to enter but you can pay for the nearby parking. NB : the food and drinks there are really expensive and not so good so I don’t recommend you to eat there. It’s also VERY crowded and touristy so the earlier you go, the better !
  • Cancale. It’s a tiny village next to Saint Malo, it’s very charming and has cute restaurants.


  • We stayed at “Le Domaine des Ormes” it’s a giant complex that includes : camping, tree houses, huts, tiny houses that you can rent, swimming pools, a tiny lake with activities, golf, horses, etc.. It’s honestly HUGE ! It’s a super nice place to stay because it’s well located, not too expensive and proposes a lot of different activities ( for children but also adults )

That’s it folks ! Hope it’s helpful and wishing you all the best for whatever you have to face (exams, school, work, ..) !

Top – H&M sales – similar – similar

Skirt – ZARA old co similarsimilarsimilarsimilar

Shoes – ZARA old co similarsimilar

Bag – Furla old co – similar

Cap – Vintage – Similar



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