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Get the look : celebs inspired festive outfits

Hey you <3

Bored of the eternal LBD (little black dress) for christmas and/or New Year’s Eve? Want to shake things up and wear something different, original this year ? You’re at the right place !

I have created/copied 3 different festive looks directly inspired by 3 of my favorite style inspirations :

Alexa Chung

Kate Moss

 Rosie Huntington Whiteley


Miss Chung

I love the classy ness and the 60’s vibes Alexa Chung always brings in her outfits. I decided to recreate one of her most iconic outfit from a few years ago : This total burgundy look.

This look is perfect if you want to wear flats but still want to look sophisticated and sexy.

Capture d’écran 2015-11-24 à 23.33.09


Moss is Boss

You might not be a fan of her today or even when she was younger. But I think Kate Moss is the best when it comes to a carefree and original look. I was inspired by this iconic look from when she was younger and out partying with Naomi Campbell, as you do.

For all you rock stars and 90s-nostalgics out there <3


Capture d’écran 2015-11-24 à 23.05.14

Elegant like a Rosie

Rosie is one of my biggest style crush lately. She’s always SLAYING on red carpets and I picked one of my favorite outfits of the moment too : the suit. It’s different, elegant, original and one big trend of this season. Many female celebrities have worn one on awards shows, red carpets, etc.. It’s androgynous and a the same time so feminine, I’m obsessed.  You can be sure that you’re going to stand out wearing a suit.

> If you’re scared to go for the full look, go for a nice fitted blazer and cigarette pants, black for example.

Capture d’écran 2015-11-24 à 23.51.36

What’s your favorite look ? ??


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Lace it up, baby !


Hey there ! <3

You might have seen this top pretty much everywhere on instagram since this summer.

Seriously. Everyone owns one.

I have to admit I understand, because it looks sooooo cooooool !

It looks sexy/cheeky without being trashy and vulgar I think. It’s just fun.

There are so many different options to wear it. With a ‘A line’ skirt, denim shorts, etc.. Here I paired it with a style of jeans I’m not used to wear often:

 MOM jeans.

   If you don’t really know what they are, they are also called ’90s jeans’ because our moms/sisters used to wear them at that time. They’re high waisted slim jeans, quite short on the leg. Similar to the 501 Levi’s jeans if I’m not mistaken. (?)

I think I’ll wear mine to ‘occasions’ such as a concerts, a night out, or simply for summer days.

Scroll down for pictures and info !

top 2 (1 sur 1)top 3 (1 sur 1)top 4 (1 sur 1)top 5 (1 sur 1)top 6 (1 sur 1)

top 7 (1 sur 1)top 11 (1 sur 1)

top 12 (1 sur 1)

What I’m wearing : 

  • Leather Jacket – Mango
  • Lace up black top – H&M
  • Mom jeans – ASOS
  • Boots – ZARA (sales)

(I know some pictures are blurry, I had some problems with my camera, whoops, won’t happen again ! ? )


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AW15 crush : Isabel Marant

Hey you ….

It’s a sad me talking to you today, but it’s not a me who’s going to talk about it. Fashion is (luckily) a happy place, my happy place. Where only beauty and art happens (except from real fur and animals skins). In response to so much hate, I decided to highlight the beauty of French fashion and culture. I hope you enjoy this article <3

Capture d’écran 2015-11-17 à 11.43.12

If like me, you’re obsessed with Isabel Marant‘s work, you’re about to like this post A LOT.

If you don’t know who she is or what she does :


Isabel Marant is a French woman who created her own high fashion brand. Her style is mostly casual chic. Always using/creating interesting and original prints, playing with different materials. There’s also an “army, military” vibes to most of her creations. Giving  women this care free, badass – parisian look but chic at the same time. That’s probably why I love her style so much. She creates everything I want to be ; a powerful, serious woman, but chic, cute and sexy at the same time. A reason for her general success is that her creations are very easy to wear. She often creates pieces that go viral, such as her infamous sneakers


In 2013, she collaborated with H&M to do a capsule collection which looked like that :


I usually adore her collections, but particularly this season. I’m a huge fan of the “pinch my waist” and the use of the classic breton stripes. The looks make the legs look so long and it’s very elegant. There’s also ruffles, lace up and geometrical prints.

Once again, the shoes of this collection are everywhere. Mango made similar ones (here). But the striped jumper (photo n°3) and the red one (last photo) are also a great success !

If you’re thinking What the hell is she talking about ??” here are some of my favourite looks from the runway :




The use of a colorful printed pair of pants in contrast with a simple colored top is her trademark. Previous collections included sequin/shimmery pants (aaaaah ? )

And you, are you a fan ? ?


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Red dress + Thigh high boots

Hey you ! <3

The time has finally arrived, I dared to try the it boots of this season : Thigh high boots.

I must admit I really wanted them but I knew it was going to be a risqué look for an everyday life. IN fact, during the little shoot I did for this look, I kept catching looks by people in the streets (+ as my blog name mentions it, I’m not really petite, so it didn’t make me less noticeable…)

But at the end of the day, I realized how much it doesn’t have any importance. If you don’t wear what you love because of what people may think (or what you think they’re thinking) you’ll forever be blended in the crowd wearing what everyone wants you to wear. Is that what you want ?

I know I won’t. I know I’m tall, I’m still wearing heels because why the fuck no ? Did somebody made some kind of rules where it’s mentioned that tall girls shouldn’t be wearing heels ? NOPE.

So if you want to wear a short skirt, low cleavage top, or anything like that, you HAVE to do it.

I know, I know, “easier said than done” right ? Well not really. You bought something because you loved it, so I don’t see any other problems after to wear it.

Enough talking, photos !

Robe rouge 1 (1 sur 1)Robe rouge 9 (1 sur 1)Robe rouge 5 (1 sur 1)Robe rouge 8 (1 sur 1)Robe rouge 4 (1 sur 1)Robe rouge 7 (1 sur 1)Robe rouge 2 (1 sur 1)Robe rouge 6 (1 sur 1)

What I’m Wearing :

  • Floppy hat – H&M
  • Dress – H&M
  • Boots – ASOS


Capture d’écran 2015-09-10 à 22.29.18


Three ways to wear a faux fur vest

Hey You !

Faux fur is THE trend of this season, and a fur vest can be a great way to dare to go for it. Here are 3 different ways I styled it.

I hope you like it, let me know if you did / didn’t ! 🙂


tag me on YOUR outfit with a fur vest on Instagram / Twitter

A belted tunic and high boots

Look tunique 2 (1 sur 1)

tunique 5 (1 sur 1)

tunique 6 (1 sur 1)

Look tunique 3 (1 sur 1)

What I’m wearing

  • Red belted tunic – H&M (new co)
  • Fur vest – C&A
  • Jeans – ZARA
  • Boots – Tamaris

Your favourite 70s inspired dress

Look robe 2 (1 sur 1)

look robe 3 (1 sur 1)
Look robe 1 (1 sur 1)

What I’m Wearing

  • Summer dress  – MANGO (summer sales)
  • Fur Vest – C&A
  • Boots – ZARA

Black blouse and hat

Look chapeau 2 (1 sur 1)

chapeau 3 (1 sur 1) chapeau 4 (1 sur 1)

Look chapeau 1 (1 sur 1) What I’m Wearing

  • Black fedora – H&M (old co)
  • Black blouse – Primark
  • jeans – TRF (ZARA)
  • Boots – H&M
  • Fur vest – C&A
  • Bralette – Etam

Capture d’écran 2015-09-10 à 22.29.18