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Boho Blouse

Hey You !

J’ai décidé de maintenant écrire mes articles en Anglais ET en Français ! Tout simplement parce qu’après un an de blogging, j’ai remarqué que ma communauté est principalement Belge ! Mais mon envie de base de créer une plateforme accessible à tout le monde persiste et c’est pourquoi je garderai quand même l’anglais ! Don’t Worry !

Je suis totalement amoureuse de cette blouse !! La tendance épaule dénudée, je ne vous la présente même plus tellement qu’on en voit partout et de toutes les couleurs mais c’est un détail que j’ai toujours adoré ! Je trouve les épaules féminins vraiment très beaux donc c’est un super moyen de montrer un peu de peau sans en montrer “trop”.

Bon ok c’est pas hyper crédible d’écrire ça alors que j’ai associé cette blouse à un mini short en jeans mais bon… Justement, parlons en de lui. C’est dingue comme je me sens mal à l’aise en short à Bruxelles. Je trouve ca vraiment triste qu’en 2017, avant de sortir, je me demande toujours “est-ce que je peux porter ça ?” étant une féministe de plus en plus engagée ( non non c’est pas un gros mot 😉 ) je me force à ne pas me poser la question mais la réalité me rattrape souvent.  Il faut avouer qu’elle est plus que violente. Est ce que je suis prête à risquer le plus grave (viol et autre, ….. ) seulement pour suivre mes convictions ? C’est un très long et difficile débat je m’en rend bien compte donc je ne vais pas l’ouvrir aujourd’hui mais ce que nous devons toutes supporter au quotidien ( même en jeans-pull , HÉ OUI ) est déjà bien assez lourd.

SINON, sur une note plus légère, je vous présente mes nouvelles BEAUTÉES de chaussures !! Des River Island que j’ai déniché sur ASOS. Je cherchais vraiment un modèle comme celui ci pour cet été ; sandales à talons pas trop hauts, avec un petit détail qui fait “plus original” aka, les studs dorés ! Je vous conseille par contre des les acheter sur Zalando si elles vous plaisent parce qu’elles y sont 10€ moins cher…… #NoComment

Bon et puis ce sac non plus, je ne le présente plus. C’est vraiment un des meilleurs achats coup de tête que j’ai fait. J’adore son style original, sa couleur qui apporte vraiment un plus dans énormément de tenues, bizarrement je sais le porter et l’associer avec énormément de choses !! La taille parait un peu petite mais au final, elle est parfaite pour moi, j’y glisse mon téléphone, un petit portefeuille et un rouge a lèvre ou autre et c’est tout ! Si par contre vous aimez balader votre maison avec vous ca risque de poser problème …


J’espère que ce look vous plaira et que mes nouveaux textes en Français aussi haha !

N’hésitez pas à me laisser un petit commentaire 🙂


Hey You !

I have now decided to start writing also in French on my blog. Just because, after one year of blogging, I’ve realised that my audience is majorly Belgian ! However, I still love English too much for letting it go so Don’t worry ! I’ll keep writing in English also !

I’ve fallen deeply in love with this blouse ! I won’t even talk about the “off the shoulder” trend, because it’s already been EVERYWHERE and in every single shape and form, colours etc… I love this trend so much ! I find the women’s collarbone area SO beautiful, it’s such a classy yet sexy part of the body to show ! It’s great if you want to show just a little skin, but still make it an impact !

Well ok, look at me talking about showing “a little skin” and pairing the top with tiny denim shorts…. Actualy, let’s talk about them. It’s crazy how, before leaving my house fro Brussels, I’ve found myself thinking a lot things like “Should I really wear this ? Is it reasonable ?” It really does sadden me to realise I think about things like that in 2017… Being a Feminist who’s more and more engaged ( yes, not afraid to say it ! ) I try to force myself into not thinking about that but reality, has my back. The reality of this situtation is actually very violent. And I often also find myself thinking “are my actions worth my convictions? Am I really ready to risk the worst (aka Rape, and such) ?” It’s hard and long topic, I know, So I won’t open it completely today but I would love to hear your thoughts about it ! How is it in your country ?

ANYWAY, on a lighter note, look at those new SHOES ! I found those babies on ASOS. They’re River Island. I really wanted to find a pair like these for this summer ; heeled sandals ( but not too high), with straps and a little details here the golden studs. If you like them, I’d advise you to get them from Zalando, as they were around 10€ cheaper there ….. #NoComment

Hope you like this look !

Blouse – Stradivarius

Shorts – Levi’s Vintage

Belt – Stradivarius Sold Out – similar –

Shoes – River Island

Bag – Furla (old co) – similar


Tamiim chez Ode – Gastronomic dinner and beauty tips

Hey You!

One or two weeks ago, I had the chance to be invited to a gatstronomic dinner made by Ode which also included a beauty tip  session from her friend Tamiim Beauty. Here’s everything you need to know ! 🙂


This was my very first gastronomic dinner so I was really excited ! Also ; pardon my very basic descriptions I’m no food blogger ! haha

The location was absolutely beautiful ! A hidden paradise in a very dirty neibourhood which was really surprising and awesome to discover !

The dinner in general was excellent ! Very fresh, not too much flavour information.

Zucchini gaspacho

Extremely airy in texture and very tasteful !

Asparagus on a cloud of muslin and espelette pepper

This was probably my favourite ! The sauce was delicious, very tasteful and the asparagus were also very nice, quite crunchy and the espelette pepper brought some kick in it !

Cockroach with mustard sweet potato and turnip ginger

This cockroach was excellent as well ! Extremely tender with a note of mustard, crusty skin and the vegetables were perfect cooked !

Pineapple surprise

Ending the dinner with the freshness of a pineapple cream was the right choice on a warm summer night !


The beautiful and super talented Tamil from Tamil beauty came by to give us her best make up tips ! To be honest, I thought I had enough common knowledge when it comes to the make up do’s and don’ts BUT she proved me total wrong !

Here are a few things I learned :

  • Apparently the YSL touche éclat foundation is really good if you’re looking for a fresh, natural foundation and very luminous !

  • Setting sprays aren’t actually “hairspray for your face” as many people think ! It’s actually a face moisturising spray ! By spraying it on your face, you just hydrate it so it looks better ! But it doesn’t really make your make up last longer, it just makes it look fresher ! She doesn’t recommend it for oily skin !

  •  You should apply your blush from the outside of your face to the inside ! So that more quantity of product will be at the top of your cheeks and the apples of you cheeks will have less product and will look more natural.

  • Apply a dark brown eye pencil as close to your upper lashes as you can : she said the human eyes like it when things are seperated, when it can see the start and end of element. Defining your eyes like this ill help.

  • She also said that make up brushes are more important than make up itself. Good brushes and bad make up can still work ! But good make up can be ruined if you use bad brushes !

Thanks again to Ode for having me, it was a really lovely evening and a delicious dinner ! And thanks to Géraldine, (the girl that Tamiim made up ! ) She is a fellow Belgian Blogger and came with me to the dinner ! ♥

Chez Ôde 

TAMIIM beauty 

Géraldine / A La Mode Liégeoise


Campus Vibe

Hey You !


Before the sweet period of exams and revisions started, I took a bunch of pics of this outfit I wore once and I thought I would share them with you !

This jacket. Well. Varsity Jackets have been one of my obsessions ever since I was young and I started to watch very cheesy american movies that included popular cheerleaders and hot football players (You knoooow like Mean Girls, High School Musical, A Cinderella Story, etc etc etc ) I’ve always wanted one and never found it in store.. And then one day I went in this thrift shop in Brussels named “Episode” and they had sooooo many varsity jackets in every colours !! They were around 30€ which is GREAT ! (I even bought one to my little brother for his birthday)

SO ;  Needless to say That I’ve been in love with mine ever since. I don’t wear it much because it’s quite heavy and warm but I just love how unique it is ! I never see anyone with a jacket like this.

Also, I wanted to quickly talk to you about this new phone case I received from Case Company ( this post is NOT sponsored !! haha ) I accepted to receive it because, as you will see in the pictures, I loved the new concept ! It’s called city marble and basically you can customise your own case with the city of your dreams / choice ! I OBVIOUSLY picked London ! <3 But it can be any city in the world ! See more here !


Jacket – Episode Vintage store similar / similar 

T shirt – Zara 

Jeans – Levi’s super skinny 

Boots – Zara old co similar / similar



Hey Sailor ! + My trip in Bretagne

Hey you !

I hope you’re all doing gooooood !  If you follow me on Instagram, you must have noticed ( hence the spam of striped top pictures #oops ) that I have been on a weekend getaway in Saint-Malo, a nice little city in Bretagne, France !

I had only been to Bretagne once before, and at that time ( I was 10..) , the only thing I remembered were the CRÊPES ! hahah So it was nice to be back and actually remember what I would be doing!

For all students reading this, YES I’m also on revision and exams weeks which sucked because I legit lost 3 days of studying but my mom had that genius idea of booking the trip at that period ! ( That strange moment when you complain about holidays *mhm mhm* ) Still, I tried to study there a little bit and now I’m on legit BEAST MODE :'( Anyway, wishing all of you the best of luck !

Concerning this outfit (the whole point of the post, DUH) I packed every single striped tops I owned, and OBVIOUSLY, my little sailor cap which I’m a little obsessed with as you must have noticed from my last instagram posts….

So here I go, with  my 5€ stripe top from H&M and a little peplum skirt from Zara, my Baby Furla (ONCE AGAIIIIN ) and low boots. It could not be more French-Bretton cliché to be honest but I LOVED it to death !

I’m going to end this post with the best adresses and things I’ve seen/done/eaten while I was there ! (I only stayed for 3 days so I don’t have loads but they were good ones )


  • Must Try the pastry named ” Kouign Amaan” it’s REALLY sugary and fat but really good as well haha ! ( Try to find it in a local Boulangerie )
  • Crêpes ( sugary ) and Galette (salty crêpes ) are the two main local dishes in Bretagne. The best I had were at a tiny teeny restaurant named “Grain Noir”. Not only were the crepes AMAZING but also, made from organic and local ingredients, from a group of really nice and motivated young people!
  • The best supermarket crepes/galettes are from the brand called “Saint-Michel”


  • Even if it’s technically in “Normandie” , le Mont-Saint-Michel is a must see !  It’s free to enter but you can pay for the nearby parking. NB : the food and drinks there are really expensive and not so good so I don’t recommend you to eat there. It’s also VERY crowded and touristy so the earlier you go, the better !
  • Cancale. It’s a tiny village next to Saint Malo, it’s very charming and has cute restaurants.


  • We stayed at “Le Domaine des Ormes” it’s a giant complex that includes : camping, tree houses, huts, tiny houses that you can rent, swimming pools, a tiny lake with activities, golf, horses, etc.. It’s honestly HUGE ! It’s a super nice place to stay because it’s well located, not too expensive and proposes a lot of different activities ( for children but also adults )

That’s it folks ! Hope it’s helpful and wishing you all the best for whatever you have to face (exams, school, work, ..) !

Top – H&M sales – similar – similar

Skirt – ZARA old co similarsimilarsimilarsimilar

Shoes – ZARA old co similarsimilar

Bag – Furla old co – similar

Cap – Vintage – Similar



Lace top & fluffy cardigan

Hey You !

Welcome back on the blog! First of all, I wanted to thank you for the views that are rising and growing in here ! It really means a lot to see that you actually are interested in what I work a lot for ! :* 🙂

This week’s post is all about comfort and simplicity. Believe it or not, but I threw on this outfit really quickly just before leaving to pass an exam : hence the super tired face …

→ It all started when I found this super simple (yet must have basic) black lace top ! I got it at H&M for less than 10€.. (now for some reason, H&M but it back on their web-shop full price … #NotCool ) Then, I simply added my fav mom jeans and a comfy big, chunky cardigan ! I love outfits that look put together but that in reality, took me literally 10 minutes to put on haha !

That’s about everything I had to say for this post ! I do have a lot of new stuff that I’ve been buying lately and I thought doing a You Tube haul would be  a nice Idea so I’ll try doing it as soon as possible ! 🙂

I hope you like this look !

Cardigan – H&M old co ( similar )

Top – H&M

Jeans – Monki

Boots – Zara old co

Bag – Furla old co ( similar )

Necklace – L’atelier D’Amaya