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The suede mini

Hey you! ♥

Literally what happens when one ray of sunshine hits Belgium, everyone (including me) gets overly excited and take their dresses and skirts and t shirts out of the drawers in a split second…

I bought this skirt last September in sales and never had the chance to wear it like this because of the weather… So happy to finally be able to 🙂 I was looking for a cool suede mini that was not too boring, aka : I loved the wrap detail and the shiny buttons!

My thigh high boots are GREAT, found them at Zara sales this winter for literally nothing ! I wore them all winter hehe

I cannot not mention my ( as I like to call it ) yellow bambino ♥ This Furla Beauty that I found in sales in Firenze this summer ! For such a small bag, I wanted a colour/pattern that is different. The kind of piece that will brighten your whole outfit like WOAH. I love it to bits !

If you’re the kind of girls who likes to bring a whole house with you around, this bag might not be ideal. But I love tiny bags especially when I’m travelling or just wandering around somewhere… All I really need are my phone and my wallet so this bag is PERFECTO ! What I mainly adore about Furla Metropolis bags, is that they are extremely versatile and customisable! This one is definitely only the first one of a big collection haha !


Hope you like this look, see you soon on the bog or elsewhere !


Top – ZARA

Skirt – Mango ( similar here, here and here )

Boots – ZARA sales ( similar here, here )

Bag – Furla sold out ( similar here and here )


Cable Knit and peplum skirt

Hey You !

Could you believe this winter and comfy outfit was shot on a bright sunny and hot Sunday ? SPRING IS FINALLY COMIIIIIING. Or at least for a couple of days…

This look features one of my favourite new jumper and latest buys! One jumper that I’ve been searching for everywhere for sooooooo long until I found it on a Belgian web shop ! ( )

I love the high neck, the thickness of the material, the rib detail, the colour, basically everything ! Even more considering the fact it was only 20€ ! (queen of deals right here haha)

See you soon for another look !


Coat – Burberry Brit

Jumper – Les Jumelles

Skirt – ZARA

Shoes – ZARA

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Chic in Monochrome

Hey You !

This look is most probably one of the last winter ones for this year ! Can’t wait for the temperature to get warmer already *sigh*

This post title could actually also be “How to look chic with 20€” haha ! Because, believe it or not, I found this skirt in the last bits of the ZARA sales (my love for life ♥) for ONLY 5€ !!! How crazy ??

This season, I’va had this crazy obsession with tweed, I’m not sure why, I feel like it’s such a cosy yet chic material for winter time ! So with this “crazy” skirt, I paired a simple black top  and black boots and Voilà !

It’s also the first blogpost featuring my 20th Birthday Present aka My Céline nano beige bag ! ( Love of my life n°2 ♥ haha) I bought it second hand but I couldn’t be happier with it ! It is quite small but it’s actually the best size for me as I don’t carry much around. I also love bags that can be either cross body or not so… I’m in love hehehe 🙂

Hope you like this look !

Top – Similar

Skirt – ZARA sales

Similar here and here

Boots – ZARA old co

Similar here 

Bag – Céline

Bracelet – Michael Kors

Nails – YSL Bleu Majorelle


Suit Up !

Hey You ! ♥

I know 🙁 I haven’t posted anything on here since what seems like forever ! But as you can see, I’m back !

Yes. A suit. Yes. I’m a girl. I’m SO in love with women wearing suits!! I think it’s such a classy, elegant and sexy outfit ! This suit is actually from Mango from last year’s collection.  I love houndstooth (or dogstooth print ) !

I paired it with my brand new pair of Red furry stan smith !

Let’s take a moment and talk about them actually : For a long time, I would have turned away everytime someone would mention the words « stan smith » they’re like the Mac donald’s of shoes to me (You could actually say the same about the superstars (#oops), seems like every single person (at least in Belgium and France) was wearing them at some point! But when take Off Sneaker store offered me to pick the pair I wanted, I saw THESE ones in their store and I could not help but be really attracted! The red fur detail at the back is such a nice touch imo ! I had never seen anyone wearing them before. Also, because it’s fur, it’s not written « stan smith »at the back so I liked it even more! They just look like normal, basic white trainers but with a pop of colour and originality. I thought this difference in texture could be an interesting contrast with the print of the suit so … TADAAAAM,  HERE IT IS 😀

Even though I’m not sure I would wear the whole thing to university or something, ( I mean, except lecturers, no one really does wear one there anyway haha) but I still really love the whole look !

Also, in return from me picking a pair at their store, Take-Off gave me a code for you to get 10% off for any pair you want ! Just mention the code « The Tall Blonde » at checkout in every single take off sneaker store in Belgium ! ENJOY !

PS : I spotted some Puma Heart there #JustSayin #HugeCrush



Capture d’écran 2016-04-27 à 15.47.16

Suit – Mango (Old co) Similar here

Similar : Bottom Top

Lace Bra – H&M

Shoes – Adidas red Pony Stan Smith via Take-Off Sneaker Store

(-10% with code “TheTallBlonde” )

Clutch – Pull & Bear (old co) similar here and here

Watch – Kapten and Son



Burgundy kicks

Hey You ! ♥

It’s been a whiiiiiiile since my last blogpost ! To be honest, it’s been 2 really busy months for me. It was back to uni in September, which means lots of work and catching up with friends etc.. But now I’m back !

For this look, I styled my new Sneakers, as I told you in one of my previous post, I’m not that much of a sneakers kinda girl, but New Balance are one of the few brands and style that please my taste. I’m obsessed with the colours of these ones !! Burgundy is such a gorgeous colour for autumn, I’ve always been obsessed with it. These are the 420, they’re so light and comfy ! They hurt my ankle at the beginning but now I could walk a marathon with them !

If you’re in or from Belgium you can get a 10% discount in every single Take Off Sneaker Store in Belgium on the pair of your choice with the code “The Tall Blonde” at checkout ! 

nb10 nb9 nb8nb7 nb6 nb2nb5 nb3 nb1nb4

Capture d’écran 2016-04-27 à 15.47.16

Hat – ASOS
Jumper – Primark (old co)

Shirt – ZARA sales

Pants – ZARA old co similar here

Shoes – New Balance 420 shopped at  Take Off Sneakers Store ( -10% with code ‘The Tall Blonde” )