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Spring has Sprung

Hey you ! 

I am SO happy sunnier days are slowly coming that I couldn’t hold myself back from starting to post spring looks ! There’s something in warmer weather that inspires me a lot more, the colors, the blooming flowersthe nature that comes back to life, everyone just being genually happier, etc.. ?

We all know how spring can be sneaky :  chilly in the morning, hotter in the afternoon, it’s sometimes difficult to balance both in an outfit. The pink roll neck jumper is still from the winter collection, which ads a little bit of cosiness, and warmth and the pants are a more light material, very fresh. I thought mixing knit texture with something lighter, and pink with monochrome gingham could be interesting. It has this 60’s vibes that I seem to be gravitating towards to a lot lately haha.

At first I wanted to wear nice flat shoes but I think the discrete and simple heels are actually a better match. And of course, to stay 60’s, I wore my hair in a low beehive ponytail and a cat-eye eye makeup. ?

I hope you like it, See you very soon for more spring looks ! ??


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  • Jumper – Mango
  • Pants – Mango
  • Shoes – H&M (old co)
  • Bag – Pull&Bear (sales)
  • Sunglasses – Ray Ban
  • Nails – ‘Lilacism’ by Essie


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Homemade miracle hair recovery mask

Hey you <3

Last summer, for the first time of my life, I got my hair bleached. I knew bleaching your hair is damaging but not to the point to which my hair was…. It was a catastrophe… To let you imagine : I was able to put them in a bun without any hair tie, clips or anything at all. They were the driest hair I ever touched in my life.. I thought only cutting them would help. But I had no time to go to the hairdresser. In fact, I was studying for important exams and I was locked home for 2 weeks. That’s when I had the idea (and only solution) to make a homemade hair mask. I started to collect anything oily/greasy as natural as possible that I had home, mixed it, put it on and kept it for days. After 2-3 masks, my hair were back, soft and recovered.

I’m a girl just like you ( I suppose), which means that I’ve tried thousands of hair products and thousands of hair masks and bla bla bla… I must admit this is the ONLY thing that ever worked. So here’s my recipe, and the step by step process ! Enjoy ! ?

Step 1 : The material

To make this hair mask you’ll need ;

  • A hair brush
  • A hair elastic or a hair clip
  • Cellophane
  • Pressed coconut oil
  • Shea Butter
  • Castor Oil




1 : Pressed Coconut Oil

( Online here )


2 : Organic Shea Butter

( I bought mine online here )


3 : Castor Oil

(I found mine at my local Pharmacy but it’s online too here )

Step 2 : Mix all and melt

➜ 1 full Table spoon of coconut Oil

➜ 1 Half table spoon of Shea Butter

➜ 1 half spoon of castor oil

➜ Heat up in a microwave for less than a minute, and mix well

(! Warning ! It’s oil, don’t burn yourself please !  )


Step 3 : Brush Your Hair


Step 4 : Divide Your Hair In Two Sections


Step 5 : Divide each section in half at your ears height and secure on the top of the head


Step 6 : Apply the oil mask on the ends ( go as high as you wish but avoid the roots)


Step 7 : Drop the upper layer of hair and repeat

IMG_8793 IMG_8794

Step 8 : Re-apply a generous amount on the whole head, be extra generous at the very end of the hair

IMG_8803 IMG_8808

Step 9 : Wrap The Hair In Cellophane

(Wrap them really tight ! )

IMG_8816 IMG_8823

Step 10 : Wrap everything in a bun, placing the wrapped ends in the center of the bun, secure with a hair band



I suggest ; the longest you leave it on, the better ! I once let it on for 3 days and 2 nights. Needless to say it worked wonders !

Here you are guys ! I really do hope you found this helpful and that some of you will try and tell me how it went ! ?






Step 3 :


Tweed and Knit in Lisbon

Hey you ! 

If you follow me on Instagram, you must have noticed that I went to Lisbon last Weekend. I stayed there for four days and it was my first time ever in Portugal. I thought it could be nice if I shot a look for the blog while I was there so here it is !

This outfit is my go to outfit of this winter. It’s a mixture of new and old things I have. It’s somehow very confortable even if it doesn’t look like it so much. It’s also really chic and classy in my opinion.

I’m wearing this incredible pair of tweed shorts that I found last winter during Zara sales, my cream Zara jumper (which I wore in my articles Vintage Shopping and Dogstooth Print too, whoops I love it so much, it’s very warm and versatile ) and of course, the love of my life, My Burberry Coat (  ) it was my very first designer purchase, and I’ve made sure I would never get bored of it, and I honestly could stare at it for hours.. hahaha If you didn’t know already, I have this obsession with Burberry..

Not sure why I just think their clothes are amazing. I worked all summer to pay me this coat and It’s one of those that I’ll keep for YEARS. I also made sure to buy something that would not go out of style too quick. A navy double breasted coat can’t really go out of style I think ! My mom bought one really similar from H&M this winter too which was really cheap.

For the accessories, I’m carrying this baby pink bag from Zara summer sales, it ads a nice pop of colour. And my sunglasses are the famous Dior ones. LOL I WISH hahaha, they are from Ali express but look sooooooo similar !

I hope you love this look as much as I do !


Capture d’écran 2016-03-30 à 20.18.02

Coat – Burberry Brit ( similar )

Jumper – ZARA Sales (Similar )

Shorts – ZARA Sales (similar )

Boots – H&M Sales

Sunglasses – Ali Express

Bag – ZARA Sales (similar )



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Hey You 

If you remember seeing this on my instagram , back during Spring/Summer 2016 New York Fashion week in September, I crushed REAL HARD on Zimmermann’s collection.

So for this season’s catwalk crush, I obviously picked them !

But first, if like me, you hardly had already heard of them (shame on us) here’s a short introduction:



Behind the Australian brand are actually TWO women ; Nicky and Simone Zimmermann. The label started in 1991 and the first store was opened back in Sydney in 1992.

Zimmermann is known mostly for its high fashion swimwear and resort wear.

The Collection

I’m in love with the fabric choices, and the extremely romantic and girly feel of the entire collection, but in all their clothes in general. It always looks really light and floaty, flattering on a woman’s body. No wonder celebrities are obsessed with the brand !

Just like Isabel Marant this winter, I’m obsessed with the high and marked waist of the silhouettes. The floral and striped prints are also really dreamy and the light colors take you away on holidays.

Here are a few of my favorite looks from the show (You can see the entire collection on Vogue Australia’s website here ) :


I hope you like Zimmermann as much as I do, and I hope that maybe I made you discover and/or love the brand ! 🙂


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Irresistible Me hair Extensions

Hey you <3

End of January, Irresistible Me, an american brand from New York, contacted me and offered me to send me one of their set of hair extensions so I could try them out and write this review for you guys !

It sounded almost like a challenge to me and I had to accept !! First of all, because it’s an honour and a pleasure to be chosen by a brand to try and review their products and second because I never tried hair extensions in my life.

Why not ?

I personally have a LOT of hair. They give me a lot of volume and they also grow quite fast so I never looked or felt the need to wear extensions. I also hated how un-natural most of them looked… Especially the ones girls at my school used to wear … :’)

So when I looked at their products, searched a bit online, and found out they were real human hair, I knew it wouldn’t be looking cheap.

I went for the ‘Silky Golden Blonde’ in 22 inches. Reasons for colour and length choice are explained below.

What color should you get ?

The lady from Irresistible Me was also really helpful to help me pick the right color. My biggest fear.

There’s literally nothing worse than hair extensions not matching your natural hair color… This is also a factor that makes the whole thing cheap looking.

This youtube video was particularly helpful, in fact, all colors are displayed and easier to see than on the website in my opinion.

I’m naturally dark blonde/brunette at the roots and blonder on the ends (naturally and also because of an Ombré/balayage done at a salon) so I had absolutely no clue what color to get.

Here’s a picture of my own hair next to one of the extension ;


As you can see, the difference is barely noticeable which is honestly impressive.

With the help of the video, I figured out that the extensions are a mix of different shades of one color, which makes it blend easy to your natural color.

Here’s a closer look at my set and its color ;


Why this length ?

I have quite long hair already so I just wanted to emphasize it even more, thanks to this picture the lady sent me it was easy to see their different length choices. I figured 22 inch would be a good choice 🙂




The parcel and the trial

I was in shock on how fast the parcel arrived. In a 3-4 working days time it was home ! It came in a chic black box that you might already have seen on my instagram.


Inside, the hair are placed in a 2 plastic bags. One is the trial set (right) and one is the full set (left).

ATTENTION ! Only open this one to try if the color/length and quality matches your expectations.


If it does, you can open the second one (on the left ) which contains your full set of extensions.

I will not explain how to put them on in this article as I’m really not a pro, but it’s easy to find on YouTube.

I was personally really happy with the color and quality of the hair. I was definitely not expecting the color to match so naturally and the hair is really soft.

Esthetic aspect

I’ll let you judge yourself on the esthetic aspect by seeing the following pictures ;

My hair without the extensions :



My hair with the clip-in extensions in :



Thanks again to the team over at Irresistible Me ! I Hope you all found this article interesting and/or helpful !


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