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Irresistible Me hair Extensions

Hey you <3

End of January, Irresistible Me, an american brand from New York, contacted me and offered me to send me one of their set of hair extensions so I could try them out and write this review for you guys !

It sounded almost like a challenge to me and I had to accept !! First of all, because it’s an honour and a pleasure to be chosen by a brand to try and review their products and second because I never tried hair extensions in my life.

Why not ?

I personally have a LOT of hair. They give me a lot of volume and they also grow quite fast so I never looked or felt the need to wear extensions. I also hated how un-natural most of them looked… Especially the ones girls at my school used to wear … :’)

So when I looked at their products, searched a bit online, and found out they were real human hair, I knew it wouldn’t be looking cheap.

I went for the ‘Silky Golden Blonde’ in 22 inches. Reasons for colour and length choice are explained below.

What color should you get ?

The lady from Irresistible Me was also really helpful to help me pick the right color. My biggest fear.

There’s literally nothing worse than hair extensions not matching your natural hair color… This is also a factor that makes the whole thing cheap looking.

This youtube video was particularly helpful, in fact, all colors are displayed and easier to see than on the website in my opinion.

I’m naturally dark blonde/brunette at the roots and blonder on the ends (naturally and also because of an Ombré/balayage done at a salon) so I had absolutely no clue what color to get.

Here’s a picture of my own hair next to one of the extension ;


As you can see, the difference is barely noticeable which is honestly impressive.

With the help of the video, I figured out that the extensions are a mix of different shades of one color, which makes it blend easy to your natural color.

Here’s a closer look at my set and its color ;


Why this length ?

I have quite long hair already so I just wanted to emphasize it even more, thanks to this picture the lady sent me it was easy to see their different length choices. I figured 22 inch would be a good choice 🙂




The parcel and the trial

I was in shock on how fast the parcel arrived. In a 3-4 working days time it was home ! It came in a chic black box that you might already have seen on my instagram.


Inside, the hair are placed in a 2 plastic bags. One is the trial set (right) and one is the full set (left).

ATTENTION ! Only open this one to try if the color/length and quality matches your expectations.


If it does, you can open the second one (on the left ) which contains your full set of extensions.

I will not explain how to put them on in this article as I’m really not a pro, but it’s easy to find on YouTube.

I was personally really happy with the color and quality of the hair. I was definitely not expecting the color to match so naturally and the hair is really soft.

Esthetic aspect

I’ll let you judge yourself on the esthetic aspect by seeing the following pictures ;

My hair without the extensions :



My hair with the clip-in extensions in :



Thanks again to the team over at Irresistible Me ! I Hope you all found this article interesting and/or helpful !


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Be my Valentine ?

Hey You <3

Valentine’s day is around the corner and wether you have a boyfriend/husband/fiancé or nothing at all, it’s another occasion to find and flaunt in a cute dress and have a great night out !

I chose this cute little red dress from Mango’s spring collection. I love the off the shoulder  look to tease a little. It’s not really noticeable on the pictures but the material is really pretty, it’s a little satiny which is really classy. The color is really vibrant and flattering too. I added this leather black wrap belt to accentuate the waist and simple shoes.

My hair is in my simple, usual straightened look and when it comes to make up, it’s nothing crazy, it’s like the usual look I do except from a winged eyeliner. I think it’s a great way to add sophistication for your date.

I hope you like this simple, but effective look !


Capture d’écran 2016-01-17 à 22.49.08



I wish you a very happy Valentine’s Day with the ones you love, no matter who ?❤


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Après-ski chic

Hey You ! <3

I just got home from my ski holidays and realized that the article was actually empty, even though I wrote it before leaving… I’m really mad right now but shit happens.. :'(

So I won’t be rambling a lot this time, just showing you this confortable, chic and quite cheap outfit.

I hope you like it !


Capture d’écran 2016-01-17 à 22.49.08

Earmuffs – Topshop (Out Of Stock)

Sunglasses – Mango

Jumper – H&M (Out Of Stock)

Jacket – H&M (OOS)

Pants – ZARA 

Boots – Carrefour (Unavailable online )





Dogstooth Print

Hey you ! <3

I’m finally back here, ready to kick 2016 in the butt !

I was busy with revisions all December (yes, that includes Christmas and New Year’s Eve, thanks belgian education system ? ) and then with exams all January until now.

Anyway, here’s my first look of 2016 !

For this look, the focus is mainly on the trousers as you might have noticed. I have been eyeing this pair of trousers on the Mango website for a while now and I was right to wait up to the sales because they were 50% off !! They only cost me 17€ so, I mean, how can you resist ??? ?

I know this might not be everyone’s cup of tea but I like to spice up my outfits and most of all, I like to go out of my comfort zone every now and then and try new things. Dogstooth print (or also known as “Prince of Wales” print ) was something I never tried or owned! But I really love the British, classy vibe it has.

As I said, I like to spice up simple outfits with original items. So here I chose a simple cream jumper and a biker leather jacket and the trousers do the talking.

I hope you like this first look ! More new things are coming up soon ! 😉


Capture d’écran 2016-01-17 à 22.49.08

  • SunglassesRayBan
  • Jumper – ZARA (old co) similar here
  • Leather Jacket – Promod (old co) similar here
  • High Waisted dogstooth trousersMango
  • Boots – H&M (old co) similar here
  • Bag – Mango (old co)
This looks features in my latest YouTube video. Have a look !

→ How about you, would you try dogstooth print ?


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Vintage shopping

Hey You ! 

A few weeks ago,, a Belgian website talking about trends in Belgium (food, fashion, design, etc…) contacted me. They challenged me to take part in a competition among other belgian  instagramers/bloggers.

➜ We had 30 minutes to create a look with vintage clothes from the ‘Melting Pot Kilo vintage store’ in Brussels. We had to use from 3 to 5 kg of their clothes and maximum 2 of our own pieces.

After that, we did a little photoshoot and we had to post one picture on Instagram. The girl with the most likes wins and will receive 30kg of clothes !! 

Please vote for me by liking the picture ➜ here 😀 !


This was my very first experience with vintage clothes and vintage shopping. To be honest, before that I never really thought about thrift shopping or vintage clothes. I thought they were only a thing for people with an interest in retro style, wanting to dress like in the 40s/50s etc..


As I was browsing through their clothes I realized most of the clothes were from the 90s/80s. I took my mom with me for this experience, she was my age in the 80s. As many of you I think, I have seen pictures of my parents when she was younger, and I always thought my mom’s style was so cool !

First of all, I was chocked over the fact that the woolen jumpers, despite the fact of having been worn, and being 30 years old, were still impeccable. They did not have bubbles on them (you know what I mean ?) and were a lot thicker than the ones we know today….

*Made In China* cough

12355204_10205379213063942_903139559_n-2I knew I wanted to wear a nice jacket. And when I saw this bright red bomber jacket, I couldn’t resist. I also found a bunch of amazingly tailored blazers (included one you’ll see here on another post 😉 ) and I decided to pair it with a suede skirt which is so in trend this year. Funny how you can be in trends in 2015 while vintage shopping ! The pieces that were mine were my converses and my beige jumper.

I highly recommend you to drop by this shop if you’re passing by in Brussels. They sell their clothes 15€/kilo it’s insane !!


What I’m wearing :


Thanks to Julien @ Trends Shaker for the pictures and the day ! 😉

Check their article here to see more pictures of our shooting together and the other girls’ looks !



Melting Pot Kilo Vintage Store is located at :

154 Rue Haute

1000 Bruxelles,



 What’s YOUR opinion and experience with Vintage ?


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