My summer beauty essentials

It’s September now, time to slowly wave goodbye to summer so I thought it might be a good idea to sum up with you what products I have been loving this summer !

1° the Vichy Idéal capital soleil SPF 50 for sensitive skin (face and body )
Our numero uno is of course a good sunscreen! It’s been said everywhere about a trillion times that the sun is ultra damaging to the skin ; it makes it age faster, leads to skin cancer, and bla bla bla ..

This one is my favourite so far.
It’s amazing because, it’s hydrating, protects from the sun (DUH) , the smell is not that strong which I love but most of all ; IT’S NOT STICKY ! And that, is great ladies and gents.
Cons ; They say it’s a body AND face milk but it might be too oily for your face if you have an oily/combination skin like I do.

2° The Vichy Capital soleil spf 50 Mattifying face fluid dry touch

Ask and you shall receive… This is THE option for girls with oil skin ! It protects you from the sun and avoid the uncomfortable stickiness and oiliness a regular face sunscreen can have.
Can’t recommend that enough it saved my summer without breaking me out!

3° L’oréal paris #TXT06 texture styling wave creating spray

I have this for a while but I only really used it on holidays, because you know, when it’s 36°C you don’t really feel like using hot tools to style your hair (and also because you might be lazy like me ) so I sprayed my hair with that, made twists-buns , left them on for a few minutes and voilààà : You get a wild and sassily effect !

4° Rituals Ayurveda Scrub indian rose & Multani Clay + Rituals Shanti Chakra Indian rose & Sweet almond oil


This one if my new favorite duo ! I received a gif card from a friend for rituals products and I had never tested anything from there before..
I was at first really attracted to the smell of those. They smell like heaven, it’s insane!!
I asked for help and a kind lady proposed the duo to me ( the scrub + the oil ) and its a dream.

The scrub itself is great because it feels incredibly fresh, even once it’s rinsed , it has a stong spicy smell to it which I don’t really dislike, but most of all, it really scrubs your skin and makes it feel softer.

But here comes the best part, the oil. I actually wanted a rich body butter but then the lady advised an oil for summer as it’s lighter and I really agree. It smells really strong and for a long time so if you love that (like I do) you’re going to be obsessed ! It’s actually the first ever product I buy which keeps its smell for a long time.
And the best part of the best part is that it makes your skin looking AMAZING. It’s sultry (not oily shiny) and its so soft to the touch ! Im a huuuuge fan and I will definitely pursue using the duo during winter !
5° L’Oréal Sublime Bronze BB summer legs.

11992505_10204957397638820_1947334912_n Its. all. in. the. name. guys.
A BB cream for your legs, that’s all I
was askingforrrrr.
Here’s what it does ;
* First it’s washable, it’s not a self t
anning lotion or whatever, it’s actually like a tinted moisturizer.
* It gives a nice colour (more bronze than the usual orange that I hate) to your legs.
* It hides imprefections (bruises, noticable veins etc.. )
I use it mixed with the Vichy body sunscreen so it blends more easily and the result is just great ! Goddess legs, really. This is also a product I’m going to use all year when I’ll show a bit of legs.

6° Yves Rocher Monoï body mist.

11997025_10204957397518817_936489686_n This IS summer. Nothing means summer more than Monoï. My favorite moment to use this is in the evening after my shower before the night walk / dinner in restaurant /etc.. while on holidays. It smells really fresh, and stays on the skin even if it’s hot. (you know how other fragrances vanish when it’s hot.. )
Cons ; Its a bit sticky somehow, I’m not sure why, it feels fresh but the sensation is sticky too… otherwise it’s great !
7° Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue Sunset in Salina (limited edition)

12000037_10204957397318812_514530210_n That’s where I’m going to make some of you cry 🙁
I own the D&G light blue perfume (the regular one ) for a bit more than a year now, so when I saw this I had to smell it and …. oh my god. There’s absolutely no way I could describe it as good as it is but (I’m sniffing it right now ) it’s stronger than the regular one, it’s more sugary too, it reminds me of sugary fruits mmmmhhh
This is just the smell I’ve always wanted to smell like. Honestly. And it has to be a limited edition … Grrrrreaaaatttt ! they also only do it in 50ml and in eau de toilette.

Because it’s a summer scent, they don’t make it in a eau de parfum as it’s supposed to be fresh and light.
It’s cheaper than most of the other perfumes too, which is great !

That’s it for my beauty essentials of the summer !
I hope you liked my first ever article, let me know ! 🙂


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