H&M X Balmain : My favourite pieces

Unless you’re living in a cave, you must have heard about the famous collaboration between H&M and high fashion brands. This year, Balmain ( Famous French Maison ) is the chosen one.

I must admit I REALLY got excited about the news when I first heard about it but I sobbed in my bed for 4 hours when I heard that one of the dresses is worth 499€ (…) which is a bit insane considering it’s still H&M……

And Knowing that last year, for the Alexander Wang collab, the prices were a lot lower (I got a nice top for around 40€ which is ok I think) I’m still hoping the rest of the items are not as overpriced. :'(  *Finger crossed*


I scrolled through the entire collection on Vogue UK ‘s website ( Have a look too here ! )

 (PS :  I seem to be the only one around me who doesn’t really like the sequin/shimmery dresses, I think they look a bit cheap while the pieces I’ve selected look more chic and a lot more Balmain-esque ! )

1. The famous Balmain Blazer. (in need of some air) 

The Balmain double breasted blazer is a bit like the Burberry trench, it’s a classic. I’m so happy they made a version of it for the collab ! Hopefully it’s not 500€ :'(

Balmain for H&M - Cream Blazer

Balmain for H&M – Cream Blazer

     2. The Heels 

They released 2 pairs of shoes for this collection. And those are so girl boss !! (That’s what I love the most about Balmain, they make women look like unbreakable warriors )

Balmain for H&M - High heels sandals with gold details

Balmain for H&M – High heels sandals with gold details.

         3. Feminine Blouse

Out of the whole collection, this is probably the most romantic piece. But I love that !! It’s also great to pair with the rest of the collection (in case you were planning to buy everything, can’t blame you tho)

Capture d’écran 2015-10-20 à 14.46.55

Balmain for H&M – Pink blouse

        4. Fur jacket *sigh*

Probably the most edgy piece, I love the colour, the shape, aaaaarrrgggg

Capture d’écran 2015-10-20 à 14.43.50

Balmain for H&M – Burgundy faux fur jacket

        5. Simple White Tee

If I get ONE piece, this would be the one. Might seems stupid, but I feel like the others are statement pieces, when this one is very simple and can be easier to style.


Balmain for H&M - White tee

Balmain for H&M – White tee

Have you seen the campaign ?



And You ? What are YOUR favourites ?


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