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It’s a sad me talking to you today, but it’s not a me who’s going to talk about it. Fashion is (luckily) a happy place, my happy place. Where only beauty and art happens (except from real fur and animals skins). In response to so much hate, I decided to highlight the beauty of French fashion and culture. I hope you enjoy this article <3

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If like me, you’re obsessed with Isabel Marant‘s work, you’re about to like this post A LOT.

If you don’t know who she is or what she does :


Isabel Marant is a French woman who created her own high fashion brand. Her style is mostly casual chic. Always using/creating interesting and original prints, playing with different materials. There’s also an “army, military” vibes to most of her creations. Giving  women this care free, badass – parisian look but chic at the same time. That’s probably why I love her style so much. She creates everything I want to be ; a powerful, serious woman, but chic, cute and sexy at the same time. A reason for her general success is that her creations are very easy to wear. She often creates pieces that go viral, such as her infamous sneakers


In 2013, she collaborated with H&M to do a capsule collection which looked like that :


I usually adore her collections, but particularly this season. I’m a huge fan of the “pinch my waist” and the use of the classic breton stripes. The looks make the legs look so long and it’s very elegant. There’s also ruffles, lace up and geometrical prints.

Once again, the shoes of this collection are everywhere. Mango made similar ones (here). But the striped jumper (photo n°3) and the red one (last photo) are also a great success !

If you’re thinking What the hell is she talking about ??” here are some of my favourite looks from the runway :




The use of a colorful printed pair of pants in contrast with a simple colored top is her trademark. Previous collections included sequin/shimmery pants (aaaaah ? )

And you, are you a fan ? ?


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