Lace it up, baby !


Hey there ! <3

You might have seen this top pretty much everywhere on instagram since this summer.

Seriously. Everyone owns one.

I have to admit I understand, because it looks sooooo cooooool !

It looks sexy/cheeky without being trashy and vulgar I think. It’s just fun.

There are so many different options to wear it. With a ‘A line’ skirt, denim shorts, etc.. Here I paired it with a style of jeans I’m not used to wear often:

 MOM jeans.

   If you don’t really know what they are, they are also called ’90s jeans’ because our moms/sisters used to wear them at that time. They’re high waisted slim jeans, quite short on the leg. Similar to the 501 Levi’s jeans if I’m not mistaken. (?)

I think I’ll wear mine to ‘occasions’ such as a concerts, a night out, or simply for summer days.

Scroll down for pictures and info !

top 2 (1 sur 1)top 3 (1 sur 1)top 4 (1 sur 1)top 5 (1 sur 1)top 6 (1 sur 1)

top 7 (1 sur 1)top 11 (1 sur 1)

top 12 (1 sur 1)

What I’m wearing : 

  • Leather Jacket – Mango
  • Lace up black top – H&M
  • Mom jeans – ASOS
  • Boots – ZARA (sales)

(I know some pictures are blurry, I had some problems with my camera, whoops, won’t happen again ! ? )


Capture d’écran 2015-09-10 à 22.29.18


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