Dungarees & stripes at the seaside

Hey you ! 

You might have noticed via my Instagram posts that I went to the North of France with my family last weekend. We went in Nord-Pas-De-Calais, more precisely around ‘Le Touquet’. It’s a really famous place because it’s known to be the seaside destination where Parisians go to. The weather was SHIT. hahah. And we went to a restaurant I would not even recommend for a billion dollars… It was the most disgusting dish I ever ate in my whole life..

On sunday , the weather was a lot better ! So I shot a few pics of my outfit (as you must have understood..)

Denim dungarees made their come back 1 or 3 years ago already, and never really left. Yet, I don’t see that many girls wearing one.. Which I think is a shame. It’s a great alternative to regular jeans, it’s comfy, cool and easy to wear. They are also available in all shapes and colors so it always fits ones tastes ! Mine are from ZARA and I got them 2 or 3 ago for like 10€ in sale haha !

I often wear mine with this stripy crop jumper which I found at Benetton a while ago! Fun fact ; it’s actually not a crop jumper.. But I bought it so long ago, that I’ve obviously grown up, it became too small for me and now it looks and fits like a crop jumper and I actually love it more !

We shot the pictures on the parking lot around the ‘Cap Gris Nez’ ! From there, you could see the British coasts which was really cool !


Hope you like this look !

_MG_9966 _MG_9978 _MG_9973 _MG_9984 _MG_9982 _MG_9986

Capture d’écran 2016-03-30 à 20.18.02

Denim Dungarees – ZARA (sales)

Jumper – Benetton (old co)

Sunglasses – Marc by Marc Jacobs

Boots – H&M (Sales)


My selection of denim dungarees :

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Capture d’écran 2016-03-30 à 15.29.27


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