100 shades of Vice

Hey You 

Last week, I was invited to the Urban Decay launch party for their new lipstick range ;

The Vice Lipsticks.

So here I am reporting to you everything you need to know about it ! 🙂

What is it ?


The new Vice Lipstick is a collection of a 100 new shades and 6 different finishes. All of that for only 19,50€ a bullet. (As I said on Snapchat when I showed you all of that, I was actually positively surprised by this price, I thought it was going to be a lot more ! ) They created 100 different new shades going from beige nudes to crazy colours such as black, purple, bright mettalized pink etc.. In 6 different finishes : mega matte, comfort matte, cream, sheer, sheer shimmer and metallized.

It’s literally impossible not to find at least one that you’ll be obsessed with !

Swatches and Try ons


Before the party I received one by mail which is “Big Bang” , a bright metallized pink. I must be honest I hate it, the color doesn’t suit me at all and the finish doesn’t look good on me either.. So I was really looking forward to seeing all the other shades and try them at the party. I’m a huge fan of matte finishes and this collection has actually 2 different matte finishes ; The “Extra” matte called Mega Matte and the Comfort Matte which is less dry but still matte looking ! A very interesting formula which I adored !

I’m also not so comfortable with crazy colors like blue, purple and all of that but if you are, keep reading I have some interesting ones to show you below ! 😉 I usually go for pink nudes, blue based matte reds and I also have an obsession lately with wine reds ( Like Diva from Mac).

I used my Mom as Lips model because she has bigger lips than me (yes I know, some of them are really badly applied haha #ImNoMakeUpArtist ) I hope it still helps ! 😉

In the goody bag I received those ones in full lipsticks size ;


( Those followed by () are my favorites )

  • Big Bang – Metallized

× Big Bang is a bright pink with a metallic finish. It’s quite matte feeling too. It also looks really different on my mom and I for some reason. I Personally hate hate hate it haha #Whoops

On my Mom :


On me :



  • Disturbed – Comfort Matte ()

× Disturbed is one of my fav. I love this deep wine red. I think it’s really classy and sophisticated.

On my Mom ;


On me :


  • Pandemonium – Mega Matte

× This is the craziest lipstick color I have ever seen. haha But somehow, I like it on me, It’s just REALLY special and I’m definitely not the kinda girl who dares to go out in the street wearing such a crazy color ! But it’s definitely pretty, very pigmented.

On my Mom ;



  • Firebird – Cream

× The cream texture is SO comfy !! It glides super easy on the lips. The Firebird shade is a lovely hot pink/fushia color. Again, too crazy for me, but I think it looks lush on my mom !

On my Mom ;


On me ;


  • Conspiracy – Metallized

× This Brown Metallized shade is very 90S isn’t it ?? I like brown colors on darker skin tones more, not that much for me !

On my Mom ;



On me ;



And those ones in samples (which contained more colors that I personally liked ) ;



  • Backtalk ()

× Here comes my FAV !! This amazing pinky matte nude is everything I want ! I don’t have much to say, I’ve been wearing it everyday since I got it, and I’m seriously planning on buying the full bullet ! 

On my Mom ;



On me ;


  • 714

× GUURLS. This is the perfectest red ever ! It’s bright, red, matte, what more do you want ??



On me ;


  • Rock Steady ()

× This one is also gorgeous, isn’t it ?? It’s a deeper red, but still bright, and also, has blue undertones which makes the teeth look whiter ! WIN WIN.

On my Mom ;



On me ;


My opinion ?


This whole new release is all very exciting !! I’m a huge fan of lipsticks and I assume the majority of us girls are.. The big and huge good point of these ones is that they honestly please everyone’s tastes thanks to the extra large color palette they offer.

If you are daring and want to go for crazy colors ; there’s Pandemonium, Big Bang and all but if you’re more into classics and nudes ; the choice is also huge.

I’m really seduced by the lipsticks and I’m thinking about getting myself one or two nudes I tried at the party ; Backtalk and Naked which are super natural and flattering (and matte !! haha )

My general opinion about them is really positive ; each colour is really pigmented, even the more nude or sheer ones. The different finishes are also really interesting and comfortable especially the “comfort matte” one.

You must have understood, I can’t recommend you enough to have a look in your nearest Urban Decay Retailers ! 😀

Your opinion !


If you want to try the lipsticks and have a look at all the colors, I highly recommend the app.

They created an app similar to the one L’oreal made but the UD one is better in my opinion haha. Basically, you can either have a scroll through the colors, the finishes or have a sort of “Tinder” game but in a lipstick version haha which allows you to swipe right or left depending if you like the shade or not !

The app is only available in the apple store for the moment ( here ) !

→ Concerning the launch you can get yours already at Sephora, and in Belgium soon via Ici Paris XL 

I hope all of this was somehow helpful for you !


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