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One or two months ago, I was invited to a nice afternoon snack by Kiehl’s ! There, I got to learn and discover a bit more about the brand. I had already heard of Khiel’s but I never tried any product and I didn’t actually know their whole story and the products themselves. During this event, I had a personalized skin consultation. An expert from the brand asks you questions about your skin, analyzes your skin type and then advices you the best Skincare Routine to achieve a well balanced, healthy and clear skin. This consultation can be done in stores as well and is free !

She created a craaaaazy long list of products suited for my skin type (for info, I have combination to oily skin mostly on the T zone and occasional acne ya know, when it’s THAT time of the month especially.. :’-( ). Knowing this, you should be careful on the products you use, so that you don’t overdry your skin or use way too oily products !  (DISCLAIMER ; It’s not because you have acne or oily skin that it means that you don’t have to use moisturizer !! )

They offered me a discovery box with a bunch of random products to try ! Lucky for me, 3/5 of the products in the box were on the list the lady created for me. Here’s my opinion on them after I used them during 2 months everyday religiously so that I could write a relevant and real report for you guys !

DISCLAIMER 2 : This post is not sponsored, they didn’t pay me nor asked me to write this article, I just did it by myself because I think feed backs on skincare are useful ! Even more when they’re pricey like Kiehl’s ! Happy reading! ♥

Kiehl’s ?


If you’re wondering about the brand, here are some details that I thought were interesting when they explained it to me.

Kiehl’s is a rather old cosmetic brand created by a pharmacist from New York in 1851. (You can still visit the first ever boutique in Manhattan today ! 😀 ) because he was a pharmacist, he used both natural ingredients (plants, etc..) and chemistry/science which result in high quality and high results products. That’s why they have a scientific style/look to them as you can see on the following pictures below ↓

Their goal is also to be clear ; the names of the products are not dreamy, they’re simple and explain clearly what the product is ( i.e. : “Ultra Facial Cleanser” ) they also show the list of ingredients in the front, so you don’t have to search, it’s not hidden from you.

The Products I tested

Ultra Facial Cleanser


→ This is SO GOOD. Honestly. If you never tried anything from Kiehl’s, this should be THE product I would advise you to start with, no matter your skin type ! It won’t change a lot in your skin because it’s “just” a cleanser. But it’s the best one I ever tried !! Before that I had a Nuxe one and one from Weleda. Both were good but this one is on another level. The consistency and texture on the skin are rather funny, it looks, smells and feels like some sort of glue.. (Not in a bad way tho don’t be scared haha) and it basically takes off ALL of your makeup. It’s a bit too tough for the eyes so don’t use it on them. It suits all skin types and is not drying at all which is often the problem with cleansers ! I love to use mine with a wash cloth I found a The Body Shop for around 5€.

Calendula Herbal-Extract Toner


→ This is one of the products she advised me so I was really happy it was in the box. I use it after the cleansing process. It’s alcohol-free which is amazing. Alcohol is often found in skin products for oily skin, but it’s quite drying and just not very good ! There are calendula petals floating in the bottle which I found funny for some reasons haha (see on next picture) . And also, I’m always super astonished how dirty my cotton pad looks like when I’m done using it ! She told me to pass it on my T-zone and acne prone areas. What I love is that it’s really confortable unlike all these usual acne/oily skin toners.


Nightly Refining Micro-Peel Concentrate


→ OH my GOD. THIS. It’s one of their freshly new products. It’s a everyday home micro peel solution. A few drops on your fingers and you run them on your face. It works more or less like an exfoliator. The first times I used it, I could feel the death skins coming off. (Don’t be scared, it didn’t peel my skin off haha just a few tiny bits that were dead anyway) If you’re unfamiliar with exfoliation, it’s really important as it takes away the death skin cells and allows the new young ones to “grow”. (super scientific, I know). This products is supposed to make your skin more radiant, fresher looking, even your skin tone, etc… When you apply it, you definitely feel like it’s powerful. It’s really strange. And then after only 2 times using it, I thought I already saw a difference. And I thought to myself “you can’t be seeing a difference already, it’s impossible” but in fact it was already results ! If you’re looking for a fast, effective, life changing product, you have the one right there. This one and the one that follows form for me a wonderful duo that I will most certainly repurchase.

Midnight Recovery Concentrate


→ This is probably one of their best sellers. And I now know why.. As I said, this combined with the micro peel are a killer duo ! I definitely saw a huge difference in my skin texture and overall look. It looks a lot fresher/younger and more radiant. This is an oil sort of formulas, a few drops in the palm of your hands, and then you dab them on your skin, neck, hands even if you want. So after the exfoliation, this works as a regeneration for the skin cells. Your skin regenerate itself during the night, that’s why it’s important to clean your face, take off your makeup and apply moisturizer, etc at night. Don’t be put off by the ‘oil’ texture. It’s a dry formula, and it won’t break you out !

Ultra Facial cream


→ This is an everyday Hydrating Cream. I don’t use moisturizer during the day because it’s way too oily for me. So this products doesn’t suit my skin at all. I was even thinking about giving it to one of my friends who’s got very dry skin and ask for her opinion. BUT, during June, I had 2-3 fashion shows where I had a lot of bad make up on me. For some reason it made my skin really dry and uncomfortable and I decided to apply the cream. This saved me like crazy. It’s not too thick, actually it has a very fresh, liquidy formula. You will not need a lot of product for your entire face. And in one night, my skin was back to normal. I now keep it and use it on my hands and neck.

My General Opinion


My general feeling about all the products and the brand I discovered is really positive. I really felt a difference when I started to use them. It felt like something working and not those Nivea bullshit that are just full of paraben. Some of the products have become my new besties and I will DEFINITELY repurchase them. I also have my eyes on some other products I want to try, like the avocado eye cream which is also a best seller !

I really do hope you found out more about Kiehl’s in a useful way ! Don’t hesitate asking me more questions ! 🙂



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