How to beat acne : 10 tips

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I’ve been thinking about doing a post about this topic for a bit now and when I asked on Snapchat if you would be interested you seemed like it so here it is !

First of all, as an introduction, I have been struggling with acne since I was very young (around 12) it went stronger and stronger until my mom took me to see a dermatologist when I was around 14-15 to cure it.

I do know now for a fact that acne is one of those things that destroys your self esteem and confidence. Finding out those tips that I’m about to share with you was life changing. I hope you’ll find them useful too!

The first thing you need to bear in mind is that there’s no miracle product when it comes to beat acne. No cream, no mask, no anything, they might make the spots disappear but won’t prevent them to arrive. It has to be cured from “inside” with medication, or other things listed here below.

1. Lower sugar, dairy and junk food



The first thing that can help clear out your acne from within is what you eat. Ask any dermatologists, they will tell you that sugary food, dairy and fat can cause or worsen your acne. Try to avoid your sugar intake by replacing it with honey, a less “arming” product skin wise. Replace milk with almond or soya milk and stay away from junk food as much as you can.




2. Drink Tea


Especially Green tea. What tea does, is that it cleanses your stomach and your digestive system from bacteria and other sh*ts that might cause you breakouts. Drink one cup of green tea with a tiny spoon of honey every morning and your skin should look and feel better ! At least, it worked wonders on me! I also tried some “beautiful skin teas” which are teas specially designed to clear out your skin, they have properties that target directly the bacterias I told you about.

Here’s the tea I’m drinking at the moment, (otherwise I drink plain green tea)



3. Drink Hot Lemon Water Every Morning



If you’re not really a tea person, simply drink a big glass of warm lemon water every morning 30 minutes before eating. It’s not the most delicious drink ever but it’s amazing in results ! Just like the tea, the lemon water will clean out your digestive system and what’s clean inside, will show outside. Disclaimer : Don’t add sugar or honey in this one and don’t over pack the lemon part !







4. Water





Do I really need to explain ? We are made out of 60% of water so…. you need to drink some ! By drinking minimum 1L of water a day, you’ll help your body flush away the impurities, therefore, will make your skin clearer and also more radiant, fresh looking. Don’t trust me ? Try this ; drink 2-3 glasses of water before bed and you’ll see by morning your face will be a lot better looking !

tip : I always carry a 1L bottle of water with me so I don’t forget to drink. I know the goal at the end of the day is that the bottle needs to be empty !





5. Keep it minimal with make up

If you’re struggling with acne, you might feel the need to cover it up with thick foundation. And I totally understand. But it’s definitely not a good idea. Because you’re covering your spots under a thick layer that will not allow your skin to breath normally, it will cause infections, and even make more spots arrive. The better is to go for a lighter option ; a CC or BB cream and then conceal the spots individually with a concealer MADE for acne/spots. I have one from The Body Shop from the tea tree range (made for acne prone skin) and it’s great! It dries out the spots during the day while hiding them !

Here are some of the products I used to use :

[huge_it_gallery id=”12″]

6. Beauty Sleep


Not only lack of sleep gives you dark circles, but it also makes your skin looking overall sh*t. That being said, 8 hours sleep at night will give you a more fresh looked face, of course but will also allow your skin to regenerate itself better and therefore, repair the “damage” caused by acne. The products you apply on your skin at night will also work better if you sleep enough. So take some extra snooze time !

7. Exfoliate

What is Exfoliation ? –  Wash or rub (a part of the body) with a granular substance to remove dead skin cells

“Exfoliation” was a word that used to scare me.. I used to think it was not THAT necessary, and thought it was too tough for young skin. Ho boy how I was wrong ! Not only do you need to exfoliate, but at least once a week. Why ? Because by removing the dead skin cells, you allow the new ones to come and you’re also saying GOODBYE to previous spots, imperfections. I wouldn’t recommend to overdo it tho ! I do a very light exfoliation every night and one “bigger/stronger” once a week. This way you should see a real difference in your skin’s texture and overall look.

Here are some of the products I love for exfoliation :

[huge_it_gallery id=”13″]

8. Clean your face


Even tho it seems OBVIOUS to me and some of you (I hope haha) I feel like very little girls know how DAMN IMPORTANT it is! Just like you brush your face twice a day (normally at least..) You should clean your face as well. Because we tend to touch our face, put our phones on our faces all day, wear make up, are exposed to pollution,  etc.. The skin is exposed to a crazy amount of bacterias. Bacterias + dead skin cells + Pores = Infection = SPOTS. This is the most important step of your routine. You could apply any cream, lotion you want, if your skin isn’t clean forward the application, it won’t do anything. What I do ;

1. Take the make up off with a facial cleanser 

2. Wash my face with a soap free , antibacterial cleanser

3. Use Micellar water to take off the last bits

4. Use a lotion that shows you how much CRAP was really on your face (haha)

For the second step, this summer I discovered a product that changed my life. It’s the Eucerin Dermo Purifier cleanser. I had a sample that my dermatologist gave me and I sed it while on holidays and I DIRECTLY saw a difference. So I highly recommend it to you ! (+ it’s quite cheap ! )

The products I use : 1. Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cleanser / 2. Eucerin Dermo Purifyer / 3. Bioderma H2o Micellar Water / 4. Kiehl’s Calendula Lotion

9. Birth Control Pills & Other Treatments


Telling you I got rid of my acne only by washing my face would be a lie. In fact, if there was ONE cream/ One product that could clear acne, trust me it would be sold out all the time and the person who would have invented it would be a Trillionaire (does this word even exist ?? haha). I did a Roaccutane cure 3 times ( when I was 14-15-16) and then I had to do it again when I was 18 because my acne came back. Problem, that last time I had severe side effects.. Including some sort of depression. I don’t want to scare any of you by saying this, it’s just simply what happened and when I told my doctor she made me stop the treatment immediately. Depression feeling is one of the side effect that can happen with some acne clearing treatments, I know one or two friends who had the same. ( NB : again, it only happened to me the last time when I was in a difficult part of my life as well, which might’ve helped that feeling ) Anyways, I decided I didn’t wanted to take those treatments anymore. ( Disclaimer : If I had to, I would still do it because the first times I had no side effects and it was really efficient, my brother just finished his treatment and had no problems either ! )  If you have severe acne tho, it’s one of the only solution you’ll ever have.

Some Birth control pills also have an “acne clearing” property without those side effects. I personally was prescripted “Louise” because of this reason, and I have seen a change. My acne was a lot more under control. But My skin was still not completely clean, that’s why I started looking up for other solutions listed above.


10. Keep calm !


It depends on the people, but often, Stress can cause breakouts as well. So not only do you need to relax but also, you need to take a step back and not panic about your skin situation. I know it’s easier said than done, but the day I stopped counting and worrying about how many pimples I had on my forehead and all, I was A LOT happier. I realized it was something I could hardly control and that it was okay to have pimples. It’s human, it’s natural. And it’s still the case today, I still have one or two (or sometimes more) pimples that pop out, but I don’t mind them that much anymore, I hardly try to hide them. (unless they’re really ugly or disgusting haha)


I hope all of this was somehow helpful !




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