Suit Up !

Hey You ! ♥

I know 🙁 I haven’t posted anything on here since what seems like forever ! But as you can see, I’m back !

Yes. A suit. Yes. I’m a girl. I’m SO in love with women wearing suits!! I think it’s such a classy, elegant and sexy outfit ! This suit is actually from Mango from last year’s collection.  I love houndstooth (or dogstooth print ) !

I paired it with my brand new pair of Red furry stan smith !

Let’s take a moment and talk about them actually : For a long time, I would have turned away everytime someone would mention the words « stan smith » they’re like the Mac donald’s of shoes to me (You could actually say the same about the superstars (#oops), seems like every single person (at least in Belgium and France) was wearing them at some point! But when take Off Sneaker store offered me to pick the pair I wanted, I saw THESE ones in their store and I could not help but be really attracted! The red fur detail at the back is such a nice touch imo ! I had never seen anyone wearing them before. Also, because it’s fur, it’s not written « stan smith »at the back so I liked it even more! They just look like normal, basic white trainers but with a pop of colour and originality. I thought this difference in texture could be an interesting contrast with the print of the suit so … TADAAAAM,  HERE IT IS 😀

Even though I’m not sure I would wear the whole thing to university or something, ( I mean, except lecturers, no one really does wear one there anyway haha) but I still really love the whole look !

Also, in return from me picking a pair at their store, Take-Off gave me a code for you to get 10% off for any pair you want ! Just mention the code « The Tall Blonde » at checkout in every single take off sneaker store in Belgium ! ENJOY !

PS : I spotted some Puma Heart there #JustSayin #HugeCrush



Capture d’écran 2016-04-27 à 15.47.16

Suit – Mango (Old co) Similar here

Similar : Bottom Top

Lace Bra – H&M

Shoes – Adidas red Pony Stan Smith via Take-Off Sneaker Store

(-10% with code “TheTallBlonde” )

Clutch – Pull & Bear (old co) similar here and here

Watch – Kapten and Son



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