Tamiim chez Ode – Gastronomic dinner and beauty tips

Hey You!

One or two weeks ago, I had the chance to be invited to a gatstronomic dinner made by Ode which also included a beauty tip  session from her friend Tamiim Beauty. Here’s everything you need to know ! 🙂


This was my very first gastronomic dinner so I was really excited ! Also ; pardon my very basic descriptions I’m no food blogger ! haha

The location was absolutely beautiful ! A hidden paradise in a very dirty neibourhood which was really surprising and awesome to discover !

The dinner in general was excellent ! Very fresh, not too much flavour information.

Zucchini gaspacho

Extremely airy in texture and very tasteful !

Asparagus on a cloud of muslin and espelette pepper

This was probably my favourite ! The sauce was delicious, very tasteful and the asparagus were also very nice, quite crunchy and the espelette pepper brought some kick in it !

Cockroach with mustard sweet potato and turnip ginger

This cockroach was excellent as well ! Extremely tender with a note of mustard, crusty skin and the vegetables were perfect cooked !

Pineapple surprise

Ending the dinner with the freshness of a pineapple cream was the right choice on a warm summer night !


The beautiful and super talented Tamil from Tamil beauty came by to give us her best make up tips ! To be honest, I thought I had enough common knowledge when it comes to the make up do’s and don’ts BUT she proved me total wrong !

Here are a few things I learned :

  • Apparently the YSL touche éclat foundation is really good if you’re looking for a fresh, natural foundation and very luminous !

  • Setting sprays aren’t actually “hairspray for your face” as many people think ! It’s actually a face moisturising spray ! By spraying it on your face, you just hydrate it so it looks better ! But it doesn’t really make your make up last longer, it just makes it look fresher ! She doesn’t recommend it for oily skin !

  •  You should apply your blush from the outside of your face to the inside ! So that more quantity of product will be at the top of your cheeks and the apples of you cheeks will have less product and will look more natural.

  • Apply a dark brown eye pencil as close to your upper lashes as you can : she said the human eyes like it when things are seperated, when it can see the start and end of element. Defining your eyes like this ill help.

  • She also said that make up brushes are more important than make up itself. Good brushes and bad make up can still work ! But good make up can be ruined if you use bad brushes !

Thanks again to Ode for having me, it was a really lovely evening and a delicious dinner ! And thanks to Géraldine, (the girl that Tamiim made up ! ) She is a fellow Belgian Blogger and came with me to the dinner ! ♥

Chez Ôde 

TAMIIM beauty 

Géraldine / A La Mode Liégeoise


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