Vinyl and stripes

Vinyl and stripes

Hey You ♥

You may or may not have noticed that my blog went missing for a month…. And if you did I hope you missed it as much as I did…

After 3 intensive days of working on it it is finally back haha. However, as you may have noticed as well, the design is quite different… I had to remove my old design which was making the website freeze.

Anyway, long story short I’m currently working on a whole new design with a new logo and new colors scheme. I seriously cannot wait to share this new style with you !

But let’s talk about the real interest of the post, shall we ?


There’s something about super high waited stuff that I can’t get enough of … This Isabel Marant inspired skirt was already featured on the blog back in September. And I wanted to give it a twist for this winter.

And I thought this super structured striped jumper was the perfect match !

OBVIOUSLY I had to add my cute little sailor hat ♥ and just simple black boots.

This outfit made me think of an old school vinyl store, so that’s where we shot it obviously ! A cute little vinyl shop in the heart of Brussels.


Hat – Vintage ( similar )

Jumper – H&M sales ( similar , similar )

Skirt – H&M old co ( SIMILAR )

Shoes – Zara old co

Ring – Isabelle B

Ring 2 – And Other Stories

Bracelet – Isabelle B

Bracelet 2 – Michael Kors



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